Why Use Expressive Art for clarity and Direction?


Why Use Expressive Art For Clarity and Direction?

I am often asked this question. Here is a brief explanation on how the creative arts can help you get clear on what you want and where you want to go and thus motivate you to achieve permanent change.

If you are feeling stuck or procrastination is occurring more often.  If you do not know what you really want. If you keep cycling and going from one crisis to another, or you experience one weight gain-loss-gain after another, or you go from one bad relationship to another, then you know there is something else that you are not aware of that is keeping you from succeeding.

Most of your thoughts and behaviors are driven by unconscious patterns of assumptions and associations based on your past life experiences. So in order to change you need to access that part of your mind, recognize what is holding you back, and work with it.

As Einstein pointed out: We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” 

The conscious mind is immediate, rational, cognitive and it is linear. It has a narrow focus. It is the front of the house. It interacts with the outside world. We process information through the front of the house in a linear way.  It is easy to access. Not so for the unconscious, the inner workings of the house. The unconscious is filled with patterns of associations, assumptions, images, creative energy and intuition. It is not linear. It has a broad holistic focus. Receiving information from our whole body-mind system.

Expressive art assists you in accessing your unconscious mind using flow, intuition, visualizations, images, story, movement, sculpting and imagination. All these processes expand our unconscious mind and allows our whole mind to explore new ideas and to be innovative and create new ways of being.